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Dated: 05.05.2013

Public Notice


Regarding Attestation of Employment Contract


          Vide the Public Note, published in Gazette on 08.04.2013, the Department of Immigration & Emigration of Government of Maldives has made it mandatory  for all Maldivian employers, who are interested to bring Indian Nationals for employment, to have their employment contract endorsed by the High Commission of India, Male’, Maldives, prior to their arrivals. The new order is effective from 01 May 2013,


          To facilitate the attestation of Employment Contract by the Maldivian employers, the High Commission of India, Male’, Maldives, has put in place the following simple process:


Ø Step 1 :      visit  www.hcimaldives.in

Ø Step 2:       download the ‘employer registration form’ from the Downloads Section (one for individual employer and another for Company. Fill up the suitable form)

Ø  Step3:        Scan the following documents

o   1.         National ID copy of the employer/director of the Company.

o   2.         Passport Copy of the employer/director of the Company.

o   3.         Copy of the Company Registration Certificate (in case of Company only)


Ø Step 4:       send the filled up ‘employer registration form’ and scanned copies as stated in step 3 and send it to the email id: attestation@hicomindia.com.mv;  with the subject as ‘attestation’


Ø Step5:        Upon receipt of your email, the High Commission of India (HCI) would acknowledge the receipt and would assign the Registration Number. Henceforth, the employer may communicate with us quoting their HCI Regn. No.


Ø Step6:        After the registration from High Commission of India (HCI) is received, the employer may bring the employment contract alongwith its photocopy for the attestation.



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